BASICS OF BLOGGING ,i will try to boi this down to the essentials.there are whole posts written on this subject,so i won’t to try to cover everything here.but i try to you giving complete basics blogging knowledge through my posts.

what’s blog?

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a blog is short for web log.basic ally ,its’s just a website that has entries listed in reverse chronological order.the original idea behind it was to be an online journal or diary that was updated daily.

during the past decade many software companies have created programs and bloging platforms to make the process very the blog writer, depending on which platform you use,you can just type your entry,press submit,and it shows up on your blog for the world to see.most bloggers don’t know any programming languages and are not ‘techies’ and these companies know that.

what’s computer?

starting a blog is one of the easiest ways out there to start website.if you haven’t started one yet,why not try it?it can be very quick to setup and is sometimes completely free.

it is easy to start a basics blog?

it is very easy.even it there are steps along the way that are confusing,there are plenty of resources to get the help you need .there are more than 20 million basics blogs in existence,so starting a blog can’t be that difficult.

how much does it cost to blog?

there are many services that allow you to start a basics blog for free.if you’re just trying out this whole blogging thing ,try using one of the free services to get a basics feel for blogging and get your feet wet.

once you decide you want to stick with it and that you want to make money with your blog,you may want to make money with your blog,you may want to move up to a self hosted blog.anyone who is really trying to make money with a blog will probably find more success with a self hosted blog.getting a self hosted blog probably isn’t free but still can be very need to pay for nothing more than a domain name and webhosting .

                                                               what’s internet?

getting a basics blogging platform

all there of the options listed bellow are free.the first two options are the easiest but are also limited on features.if you are just trying to make an extra few hundred dollars from your blog , these options could work.but if you’re really serious about trying to make good money from your blog ,try self hosting your blog .

blogger.comblogger is very good and easy to setup,and google owns can customize the theme,and the domain name includes ‘’ .blogger continues to become more customizable and currently has a lot more options than it did a few years ago.

wordpress.comthese sites are completely free and easy to set up ,and you can customize the theme,but other customizations are limited,domain name includes ‘’ the big downside with these sutes is that they don’t allow you to place ads on your blog.

who’s owner of internet?

wordpress.orgwait,what’s the difference between an put it simply, is where you go to setup a basics ,easy blog with limited is where you go to get a self hosted blog.if you get to the point where you’re serious about blogging and really want to make some money with it,you need to self host your blog.



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