if you plan to use one of the first two free options from the previous selection,you can skip this section .if you are serious about blogging and looking for the best way to customize your blog’s  look and other features,then getting a self hosted blog from is the best way to’s far and away the top choice for most dose require a little more work up front and does have small costs associated with it,buying a domain name and self hosted your blog.

                                                           what’s android?

one of the big advantages is that you can use your own domain name .while this might not seem like a big deal ,it is a lot easier for people to remember rather than , which is what you get if you use blogger.

while it is a little more work on the front end,i am really glad i got good advice and did this at the beginning,rather than doing it a year or to down the road.


pick a domain name

you should start by purchasing a domain is a great tool to help you  find availlable domain names.try going for a .com rather than or .us or anything else for that’s just to easy for people to get is always going to hold more value than any other extension.

where to come first copy and pest ideas?

once you choose it,you need to find somewhere to purchase it.i bought my first few domains at  and have bought the remaining ones from my hosting companies.while godaddy is about one of the biggest names out there,i have had bad experiences with them,so i wouldn’t recommend using them.also,it’s often easier just to buy the domain from the hosting company  or self hosted through you signup with since it will almost always simplify the process.

pick a host for your blog

the webhost is the company  you pay to store all of your blog files.there are also a million webhosting companies out there. don’t just look for the cheapest one because a lot of these companies are not very reliable,and your site might be down quite a bit.try going with a bigger company taht has a longer track record and is more established.

they may cost a dollar or two more a month when you’re starting out,but it’s well worth it.i have self hosted my websites with dreamhost from the beginning,mostly because i knew a lot of people using them ,and  i got a hosting package for about 10$ a month.

 which types ac perferred for your home


now ,i whole holeheartedly recommend over dreamhost.the biggest reason is because hostgator has staff available via phone or chat 24 hours  a day.this is not very common for the cheaper webhosting will inevitably run into a problem with your site at some point,and it will comfort you to know you have someone to call whwn problems arise.


hosting companies i’ve used (as low 3.95$/m)                                                                                                           i started hosting with hostgator after becoming increasingly frustrated with media temple.from my experience hostgator’s customer service seems to surpass any other host  i’ve used.i’m so impressed with its customer service that i now host all my sites through hostgator.

details of sd card low 2.95$/m)

i hosted a few of my sites with bluehost,and i had a really good’s cheap and has a great phone support.the only downside is that there’s one hosting package,which is fine for small to medium sites but not so good if your blog continues to grow into a large blog.$/m)                                                                                                                    as i mentioned earlier,i started with dreamhost and was happy with it for the price,but i always longed for phone support,and the company doesn’t really offer it. (as low as 20$/m)

i hosted my main site with mediatemple for a couple of years,but after many bad experiences with the customer support team and frequent hold times of 40+minutes,i left,i don’t recommend them. (as low as 29$/m)

i now host my main site with wpengine.the main reason i moved to wpengine is because the whole operation is specifically for wordpress sites,and as a result,it can tweak the servers to increase site speed and minimize downtime.also,all of the support staff is very well trained in wordpress,which is rarely the case at other hosts or self hosted.

                        – summing it all up-

hostgator is an excellent choice for new bloggers because there’s dependable support,and it’s cost effective.and for bloggers who want a rock solid hosting company and can afford a little more,try wpengine.

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