How To Apply Ration Card Online?

How To Apply Ration Card Online?

Applying for a ration card during
the corona pandemic

Although ration cards have been around for more than a couple of decades, recent years have seen
the number of people applying for them drop significantly. This is mainly because the process of
getting one has not been the simplest. Unlike most documentation processes, the ration card is not
based on an individual but families, and any change to the family has to be reflected in the card. If a
member of the household moves out to work in another city or passes away, this has to be reflected
on the ration card.
Furthermore, there are many rules relating to the process which are quite tedious,
time-consuming, and requiring a lot of documents. However, all this changed with the ration card
website which made the entire process simple. People could now get their cards in a few minutes
through the online platform. Additionally, people who were forced to stay indoors because of the
Coronavirus lockdown with access to internet thought of giving the ration card process a go.
Finally, the Government began providing a lot of their schemes and food supplies during the lockdown
through the ration card which made it more of a necessity.

What is the process of applying for a ration card
through the online system?

If the applicant has all their documents and information ready, the process does not take more than a
few minutes. The forms are already on the website and have to be filled out. They also have to upload a couple of documents and the system processes everything at its end, telling them when their ration
card will be dispatched.
Some of the important documents needed when applying are
● Aadhar card
● Pan card
● Recent passport-sized photograph
● Bank statement

Applicant caste certificate
● Income proof of the applicant
● Latest electricity bill
● Gas connection passbook.

What are some of the measures the Government has
in place to improve the ration card system during
the pandemic?

The Government had a couple of plans in their pipeline but with implementation dates far in the future
however, with the pandemic, they decided to fast-track these.
One of the significant processes was creating a system where one ration card could be used
throughout the country instead of being used per state, or fair price shop it was created with. They
also worked with the state Governments to increase the amount of food-grain provided to migrants
which allowed them to receive more during the lockdown.
Another step they took revolved around associating Aadhaar cards with ration cards, allowing people to
use their Aadhaar cards to receive benefits from the Government. Additionally, they changed the
system to allow people to apply for their benefits through their Aadhaar cards directly and find the
ration cards associated with them.
A couple of private organisations started community kitchens across the country. This initiative was
later backed up by the government and soon had people receiving supplies and food when they needed it the most.
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